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 For those who desire to make a most glorious career in the field of civil Aviation as Pilots, this is the right time to begin. The requisite Hours of Flying Training is to be done from the various Flying Clubs. While Aviators prepare you for the Private/Commercial Pilots ground training, through this course which comprises the preparation for the theoretical subjects, pilots need to pass and obtain their license.

Subjects covered are Air Regulation, Air Navigation, Aviation Meteorology. Airplane-Technical General), Airplane Technical (Specific)., and Flight  Radio Telephony.

Subjects covered for foreign CPL holders: Air regulation & Composite.

PPL: Three months.
CPL: Five months / CPL Conversion: Two months.

Education                                                  Age(Min.)            Medical.
PPL SSC Passed.                                         17Years.               FIT* Class II.
CPL HSC Passed (Phy & Maths)                  18Years.               FIT*  Class I.

 *Medical: Medically Fit as per DGCA Standards.
Examination Authority: DGCA, Ministry of Civil Aviation.
Cadet Pilots can complete their Flying Training in India or Abroad (viz. USA, Canada etc.)
Career Opportunities: CPL license holders can work for Passenger Airlines, Cargo Airlines, Charter operators, Indian Coast Guard, etc.